Tytera TH9800D

The Tytera TH9800D quad band mobile radios are a perfect multi band solution. Compare this rig to the Yaesu FT-8900 and you’ll see that you’re able to get a lot more radio for a lot less money!

Our Price $249.00


  • 29/50/144/430MHz 
  • V+U Full Duplex Operation 
  • Wide/Narrow Band (25 kHz/12.5kHz) 
  • DTMF-ANl/5Tone-ANI function 
  • CTCSS Encode/Decode  

Main Functions:

  • V+U/V+V/U+U Dual Band Operation
  • V+U Full Duplex Operation 
  • Cross-Band Repeat 
  • Quad Band Operation: 29/50/144/430MHz
  • CTCSS Encode/Decode
  • DCS Encode/Decode
  • 809 Memory channels
  • COMP function
  • DTMF-ANI/5Tone-ANI function
  • 2tone/5tone 
  • AM Mode for Aeronautical Band (108-118MHz) 
  • Automatic power off 
  • Display brightness setting
  • Wide/Narrow Band (25 kHz/12.5 kHz)
  • Wide/Narrow Band (25 kHz/12.5 kHz)
  • Scrambler 
  • 6 Hyper Memory (store complete radio configuration)

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